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Here at Over the Top Computing our sales staff is always willing to help you get what you need. We are able to special order any part or system you need to get you up and running ASAP.  We like to stay competitive against the competition by offering great prices and great service! Our sales staff is always up to date on the latest and greatest technology to help you pick the right piece to your incomplete puzzle. If you have any questions on prices, or availability please don’t hesitate to contact our sales staff!


Services and Computer  Repair

Here at Over the Top Computing our highly trained computer technicians will be able to help solve your computer problems that have got you aggravated and that have rendered you helpless . With our new ticketing system we keep track of every step of your computer repair or service call. If your email is given to us when you drop off your computer, these updates can even be generated to your email and you will be updates as soon as we have an update for you! With such a great way to keep the customer in the loop, we can keep you informed and at ease that we are doing everything in our power to get your machine back to you ASAP. Please look at the list of services below. Don’t hesitate to contact our tech staff if you have any questions about your computer or about our services!




Virus Removal and Protection

Remove unwanted pops and viruses troubling your machine, and testing
your patience.

Computer Tune Ups

Don’t download those “Speed Up Your PC” programs to get your machine
back to how it was before. Trust the professionals to test and to clean your
PC with results that really show.

Blue Screen Crashes

Blue Screen of Death got ya down? Don’t worry, bring it in to us and
we will find the root of the problem.

Laptop Screen Replacements

Did you step on, drop, or manhandle your laptop that left the screen
in shambles? We can help by finding the screen and replacing it for you.

Laptop DC Jack Replacements

Did you drop your laptop or trip over the cord and now it won’t
charge or power on? We fix that. Just bring it on in!

Latpop Fan Replacements

Is your laptop getting hot and then unexpectedly shutting down on
you? This could be because of overheating, and fan problems.

Computer Systems Troubleshooting

Is there something not right about your machine and you can’t pin
point what it is? Describe it to us, and we will do our best to get it ironed
out in no time.

Hard Drive Failures

The leading cause of computer slowness and unresponsiveness is hard
drive failure. Act quickly, and bring it in to us so we can help preserve
your data.

Data Recovery

Did your hard drive or USB thumb drive get formatted or over written?
Did you suffer a hard drive crash and have no backup? We can help, and if we
can’t we know someone who can.

System Re-Imaging

Just want your machine to run like the day you bought it? Did you buy
a used computer from your friend and just want it wiped and factory reset? We
can do that!

Backup Implementation

Need a backup idea, or solution? Just ask, and we can point you in
the right direction.

Email Troubleshooting

Is your email client not sending or receiving? Is your email client
acting strangely? You know who to call…us!

Email Setups

Need your email set up on your new computer? Need your new business
email set up on your phone? We also do that stuff too, no biggie.

Email Password Retrieval

Sometimes you can lose your password for your email, it happens to
the lot of us. If you are using an email client such as: Outlook, Outlook
Express, Mozilla Thunderbird, or Windows Live Mail, come to us and let us
help you.

Windows XP/Vista/7/ Password Removal

Bah, can’t remember your windows login password? You’ve typed it in a
thousand times before? We can wipe it and get you back in there.

Remote Service

If you need any service done within the comfort of your own home, we
can remote in via the internet and help out with software issues getting your

On-Site Service

Need a computer setup? Printer setup? Network setup? Anything you
need done in your home, we can help, just call and make an appointment.


Over the Top Computing Consulting

Over the Top Computing – I.T. Consulting

With the business world heading into the future at an incredible rate, it might slow you down! At Over the Top Computing, we offer all sorts of business contracts for Information Technology Services. We specialize in business support and I.T. Consulting. Are you starting up your own business with multiple users? Do you need an I.T. Infrastructure that includes: Data backup? Email? File sharing? I.T. Support? We can do it all! Our list of business clients keeps growing because we know how to treat and support Ottawa’s local businesses. We specialize in supporting: Dentist offices, Orthodontics offices, Real-state agents and offices, Mortgage brokers, Accounting firms and many more! So please, don’t try to do all the hard stuff by yourself, ask for help, and we will see it until the end. With fast, effective and professional I.T. Support right here, why go anywhere else? Please feel free to contact  Chris Adamantidis or Josh Brigham, and we will be able to answer any questions you might have!




If you received a tracking slip on your door, please, before calling, view the time that your package will be available for pickup. On both Purolator and FedEx slips the time of availability will be printed.

If you do not know where we are located, please, before calling, view the map of our new location in the “Contact” section of our webpage

When picking up your packages, please have government issued photo identification that states your address to make your visit quick and easy! If you do have photo identification but it has the incorrect address due to a recent move, please bring a piece of information with the correct and current address (insurance, a piece of mail, etc).

If your name and address DO NOT match that of the package label, we will not release the package.

If you would like to re-schedule a Purolator package for re-delivery, please call 1-888-SHIP-123 or 1-888-744-7123

If you would like to re-schedule a FedEx Express package for re-delivery, please call 1-800-GoFedex or 1-800-463-3339



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